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Simplifying parenting and valuing childhood. Let's do it!

Did you know I can support you on your parenting journey with my 'Made Simple' Workshop Series and Signature Programs?

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Classes & Guides 

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Classes & Guides

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$29 usd

Parenting Respectfully : setting the Foundation for Respectful Relationships from the Start (0-3 yo)

Fostering Attachment & Independence through Play 

Improving Sleep through Child Development (2-5yo)

Matrescence and Rediscovering Yourself 

Perfect for parents looking for on-demand parenting support 

All classes are taught in an easy-to-digest format. You can watch, just listen if you prefer, and transcripts are also available. The idea is to include all learning-styles so you can use the little pockets of time available to you without the overwhelm to integrate all the information at once. The classes currently available are pre-recorded.

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Journaling as a Parenting tool

Slowing Down
Parenting Program



Bite-sized classes released every month (6 modules )

Coffee Chat once a month for 6 months (listening circle, journaling, nervous system regulation strategies and self-awareness)

Monthly Educational Calls (6 sessions total)

Lifetime access to the Workshop Series library

your moment to realign parenting values, filter the noise and find peace

Imagine having lifetime access to a library of audio-courses that can support you every step of the way, 12 classes, Q&As and educational calls fortnightly for 6 months, as well as a Coffee Chat once a month. all about slowing down parenting, worrying less and enjoying more your current season of parenting. No need to imagine anymore! it's here and doors open once a year.
*Ideal for parents with children between 0-5yo

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less than $30/month
for 6 months of parenting support + lifetime access to workshops, classes, and coffee chat recordings

Slow Mothering



Fortnightly Educational Calls 

Bite-sized modules released twice a month 

Printable material to support your reflective journey

Private FB group community for peer-support

let's dive into the seasons of matrescenceā„¢ together

This is a 5-month nourishing program designed to support mothers in rediscovering themselves and what brings them joy so they can feel confident trusting their intuition, acknowledging their seasons and cyclicality, as they raise little humans. Let's gather to support each other in slowing down, filtering out what doesn't serve us, so we can realign mothering in accordance with our own values.
Offered once a year.

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less than $40/month
for an intimate group support + lifelong access to the platform

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slow mothering

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Simplifying parenting and valuing childhood. Let's do it!

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A slower way of parenting that values child development and supports your matrescence journey