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Simplifying parenting and valuing childhood. Let's do it!

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I'm Mariana

I'm a mother to 3 wonderful humans, a Parent Educator and a published author. Writing is not only a part of my work, but also a therapeutic practice that's been present in my daily life for many years.  
I'm also a deep-thinker introspective soul (aka highly sensitive person) who also happens to be a Registered COSPā„¢ Facilitator, a certified Seasons of Matrescenceā„¢ educator, 4x certified Sleep Specialist with a degree in Child Development, specialization in Infants and Toddlers, almost holding another degree in Psychology. After more than 7 years of supporting families with attachment-focused sleep and parenting, I felt compelled to offer parenting support that also focuses on the mother and her matrescence journey. I advocate for slow, imperfect parenting, self-compassion, and mindfulness as we nourish a respectful relationship with ourselves and our children.

Slow, imperfect, mothering

Becoming a mother gave me the permission I didn't know I needed to look inwards with self-compassion and self-acceptance. I didn't understand this initially, that perfection

isn't the goal of parenting. My matrescence journey has involved grief, loss, self-discovery, a constant learning and unlearning - including much needed breaks from all the self-development and looking inwards. I'm a human after all, growing along side my children. Catching up with many emotional regulation tools I didn't learn in childhood.
I'm still learning to appreciate who I am and how far I've come in the midst of rediscovering myself in this identity, as a parent. I understand now that we can't rush this process of raising ourselves just like we can't rush our children's development.

After supporting thousands of families 1:1 over the last 7 years, teaching about child development and respectful relationships, I'm convinced that slowing down is the most precious tool we all have as parents - and at the same time so difficult to put in practice these days. And this is why I took my own time to put the right resources together for you, because I not only experienced the journey myself, I also had the chance to guide other parents through the transformative path of simplifying parenting. Filtering the avalanche of information, so we can worry less enjoy more and ditch the constant guilt and anxiety many of us experience.

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Simplifying parenting and valuing childhood. Let's do it!

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A slower way of parenting that values child development and supports your matrescence journey